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How to read a Time Clock

Time clocks are getting rare now that smart metetrs have arrived u can advise you on various issues but i litle interest in sitting on the phone for hours to end up going nowhere with the power provider.

Below are some common time clocks used by the power companies in Australia over the years for floor heating
The silver dial rotates the red pointer indicates the time of day. The fingers on the outside of the silver dial turn power on and off
Example: Clock a: green + on blue = off this is set for on Midnight off 7am - on 1pm off 4 pm.
If you are on this tariff j8 or j6
Do not change to any other floor heat tariffs offered by electricity retailer as your system will not work as well.

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Clock: a
Green tab turns floor heating on and blue turns floor heating off


  Clock: b Clock: c    
    Clock: c   Clock: d  
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