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Floor Heat Faults 2

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This is a troublesome heat shrink join in the
heater cable used in plastic heater cable by some
Floor heat contractors in the 70's and early 80's

  This is a low insulation resistance fault caused by
Floor heating cable running to hot this did not
create multiple faults
  This is a fault caused by crack in heated concrete
floor the cable is open circuit under the braid
      This is commonly happens after a fault occurs in
this type of cable it repeats in multiple places this
happens because the 1st fault to earth make cable
run hotter than it can handle it then it repeats until
it blows open circuit this is one of the worst
situations that in repairing floor heating
If earth leakage circuit breakers installed this
should not happen
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This is a fault caused by concrete not surrounding
the cable creating cable to run hot in the void in the
concrete this had low insulation resistance this did
not create multiple faults it was found after while
repairing a problem creating by floor heat cable cut
when new cupboards installed

    This is close up of previous problem
notice rust on mesh,this is created by the heat from
the cable,This is common around a fault in a floor
heater cable it can even eat the mesh away

This is a plastic insulated cable with
concrete anchor driven into cable
from below the concrete slab


Hole drilled through floorheat cable during construction

            This is a fault caused by floor heat cable running to
hot. Very deep in concrete under heavy underlay
and carpet cable this did not create multiple faults
to my amazement-in slab floor heating

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