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We repair in slab and under tile electric floor heating and locate faults in electrical cables underground and in buildings, We can install or assist with installation of electric floor heating and cable fault location providing there is no conficts with business partners.
Our commitment to provide our customers with quality work at fair prices with 40 years of experience has earned us a superior reputation in the industry.
We will work anywhere anywhere viable in Australia or any safe part of the world, providing services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Floor heating, Snow melting, Bridge heating, Roadway heating, Cable fault location and repair Pyrotenax Cables, repairs are carried out with accurate location and minimum inconvenience.
Floor heating systems repaired include Warmcrete, Florawarm, Slabheat, Increte, Ferrier O'Brien, Bendigo Electrical Service, Warmcoil, G V Floorheating, Thermelec, Radiant and many more.
Types of Floor heating cables repaired: Alcatel, Cold buster, Electra, Hotwire, Pyrotenax, Radiant, Speed heat plus all others
Please take the time to look at the pages in this site for Floor heating repair details.
We are located in Bendigo, Victoria. Most of our work is in Melbourne..
I will assist Electricians to fix repairs over the phone, there will be a fee for this service.
Hiring of equipment to locate floor heat cables is available, there are few traps in doing this please call with your requirement.


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